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Having served in the US military for 6 years, Rowan Laidlaw founded this charity organization Operation Clothing Drop Inc (Op-CDI) on the premise that veterans who served America should never be homeless in America, therefore our desire is to do everything possible to change that status.


Our core goal and value is to make a difference in as many homeless veterans' lives as possible. We strive to improve the quality of life  for those who need  assistance and can not completely provide it for  themselves. Generous contributions through donations can effectively fund our programs which would support 20% more homeless veterans in the New York area. These sizable monetary gifts will line the hearts and souls of those who bravely risked their lives to ensure we enjoy our free country.

We cannot achieve this purpose of clothing, housing, feeding and getting vets back into jobs without your help.

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About Us

Operation Clothing Drop Inc. was founded by U.S. Army Veteran Rowan Laidlaw.  Op-CDI is a non-profit charged with providing resources for homeless veterans in Nassau County, NY.  The resources provided include educational training, food, clothing, housing, counseling and more.  Laidlaw served the country proudly for four years both domestically and abroad in Iraq.  He always had a deep passion about the plight of fellow veterans.  This passion has led him to research ways to help those in need on a consistent basis.  His research yielded a stunning revelation of a high number of displace veterans requiring assistance.  Laidlaw believes this is a the best way that as a veteran he can give back to his fellow brothers and sisters who served in combat.  "Everyone did not have things such as a family, resources, career or even a home when they came back," he said. "As military personnel, we sacrifice our lives for the freedom of the United States of America.  No veteran should ever come back and live an impoverished life."

Operation Clothing Drop (Op-CDI) was established in 2014 to support and assist veterans with housing, food, clothing and other necessities.  The organization also provides emergency, transitional and long term housing placement.  In addition, Op-CDI provides assistance with employment search, placement in educational programs along with counseling services.  Our service delivery concentration targets homeless veterans sleeping on the streets, in the shelters or crashing with relatives in the Nassau County community. 

We firmly believe in the 'plan and execute' mantra of helping veterans.  We collaborated with various sponsors and community partners to raise awareness, generate resources and develop solutions and remedies.  This organization does not thrive on problems just so we can keep a job, we thrive on solving the problem with actions that yield results.  Our strategic partnerships include working with various vendors such as Lion's Roar Entertainment.  These strategic partnerships work with us to raise funds to boost our resources.  

Furthermore, we don't create co-dependency with our programs, we govern from the 'stepping stone, helping hand' mindset.  We strive to get veterans back on their feet and full transitioned back into civilian life. Op-CDI wants veterans to earn a steady income and have a roof over their heads.  In the path to obtaining such, we shall provide resources along the way.  Two signature projects developed are Operation Drive By and Operation Full Metal Jacket. 

Civilians and veteran are welcomed to add to the many hands needed to make light work.  Veterans will especially enjoy this as they can relate to others from combat and provide many reference points.  There is life after combat and we are here to provide that. 

Operation Clothing Drop Inc.
Services for homeless veterans
(844) OPS - DROP


Charity Programs

Food and Clothing Distribution:

Distributing Food and Clothing to homeless Veterans throughout New York City and Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Emergency, Transitional and Long term Housing Placement Assistance:

Crisis Shelter leading to permanent housing.

Employment and Educational Placement Program Assistance:

Schooling and on the job training that leads to permanent jobs and careers.

Counseling and Case Management Referral Services:

Helping Veterans combat their trials and tribulations to lead productive lives.



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